Talent Consulting Services

Talent Process Design

Define scalable talent processes that create a more reliable impact and a better experience for your people

Leadership Development & Coaching

Support for you and your leaders on how best to lead, engage and manage your people

Employee Listening & Engagement

Truly understand how your team is feeling about working for you and how you can improve

People Systems, Analytics and KPI Development

What does good look like for your team? How will you know? How will they know?

Talent Process Design

Defining scalable talent processes are the key to creating impactful people experiences for both leaders and employees. Work with us to define processes that are uniquely yours to enable your people to drive more value.

  • TALENT ACQUISITION: job descriptions, sourcing/referral programs, interview process and offer process
  • ONBOARDING/OFFBOARDING: Employment forms, new hire communications, learning flows – company & team level
  • PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT: 1:1 templates, 360 review process, annual performance cycle flow
  • COMPENSATION MANAGEMENT: Compensation philosophy definition, job analysis and market mapping, pay range development
  • STRATEGIC PLANNING: frameworks for long-range planning, annual check-ins, facilitation 

Leadership Development & Coaching


Let’s face it, people are complex creatures with ever-evolving needs & wants. Supporting them so that they can do their best work is not always easy, and yet, there are many best practices that you can use to make this easier.

  • 1:1 LEADERSHIP COACHING: work with us to talk through specific challenges and strategies
  • LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS: skill up your leaders on topics such as difficult conversations, coaching skills, feedback & praise, delegation & priority setting, interviewing skills
  • ORGANIZATIONAL DESIGN: setting your teams up for success through intentional design of teams or reorganization of current teams


Employee Listening & Engagement


Employee engagement is the idea of how much discretional energy your team is willing to put into the organization. High engagement, therefore, translates into high-performance outcomes. Fortunately, we understand many of the drivers of engagement and can measure these if we listen to employees. A great employee experience is one where they can feel like doing their best work in a supportive environment. 


  • ENGAGEMENT SURVEYS: design, deployment, and analysis
  • ENGAGEMENT INTERVIEWS & FOCUS GROUPS: working directly to engage with employees to elicit and qualify their feedback
  • ENGAGING WORKPLACES PLAN: create a system with you for how you want to action the feedback, provide input on action steps, and design a communication and change plan

People Systems, Analytics and KPI Development


Modern talent practices use systems, analytics and key performance indicators to drive scalable outcomes. Implementing the right tools at the right time will drive more scalable processes and ensure you are able to comply with regional reporting requirements.


  • SYSTEMS ANALYSIS AND RECOMMENDATIONS: review your current people systems against your goals and define a roadmap
  • SYSTEM CONFIGURATION & IMPLEMENTATION: support for configuration and deployment of your key HR systems to maxmize value and usage
  • DEFINE KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS: align your team on what good looks like from a people perspective
  • REPORTING & DASHBOARDS: visualize your KPIs in a centralized location

What are the signs that you might need talent support?


Your making the the wrong hires

Your able to hire folks, but after a couple of months they are clearly the wrong ones and then you have to terminate and start again

Your team members are quitting

You have some great people, and you are having trouble keeping them.

You are surprised when employee challenges develop

Working with folks is always a challenge – creating systems to better understand how things are going is key to getting ahead of this

You know you need to support employee development, but don't know where to start

Everyone wants to continue to grow, this doesn’t mean you need to map out the whole process for your whole organization

You need to scale up

Congrats! It’s so exciting that you are growing – we can help

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