Fractional HR Manager

Ongoing people support when you need it

You know you need support, and you need a more flexible model

You have a team and you know you need some talent processes. You also are thinking about how best to support your other leaders as they work through challenges with their team. You know there are better ways to solve some of these employee challenges, and you don’t have the space to solve them well. You also are thinking about how to scale your teams, or how to measure their success, engagement and well being. 

 Does this sound familiar? Perhaps a fractional model is right for you. We would work together with on a regular bank of hours where you would have the flexibility for you and your team to access coaching and advise from me as needed, with the rest of the time spent on projects you need done. 



Available for advice and coaching as needed

Essentially you would now have “in-house” talent support – just in the fraction you need – available for advice or coaching on talent topics, or as a sounding board.

Finger on the pulse

With access to a neutral 3rd party, your team will be able to more freely discuss ongoing challenges. You will also be able to understand those themes indirectly. 

Talent resources for your most critical moments

Hiring and firing are some of the most critical junctures in a business – we’ll work together to get these right.   

Projects completed at a steady pace

We’ll work together to prioritize project work that you need now and complete work against it weekly. No more stalled talent projects!

How does a modern talent leader impact an organization?


Trusted Advisor & Coach

Advise and coach the CEO. Ensure the senior leadership team is highly effective. Coach talent across the organization.


Win Talent

Win talent and drive capability development to achieve organizational goals, with a DEI lens. Build a compelling employer value proposition.


Strategic Change Leader

Create an agile organization by supporting leaders through change. Use the various levers of talent/HR to drive change through the organization.


Human Capital and Culture leader

Drive culture and purpose. Ensure that the right leadership is always in place in the organization. Build a competitive total rewards program.


Leading Through Evolving Trends

Anticipate and respond to external trends in the market. Be the advocate for the organization’s workforce. Ensure metrics align to stakeholder expectation.

Your talent is your organization’s success – start something new.