I’m Anthony Azar

HR Consultant and Leadership Coach

Talent – your most important resource. 

Find, train, develop, measure, and engage


Talent Process Design

Define scalable talent processes that create a more reliable impact and a better experience for your people

Leadership Development & Coaching

Support for you and your leaders on how best to lead, engage and manage your people

Employee Listening & Engagement

Truly understand how your team is feeling about working for you and how you can improve

People Analytics and KPI Development

What does good look like for your team? How will you know? How will they know?

Experienced support at the right time

Many companies find themselves needing HR support, but aren’t ready to invest in a permanent role. 

Inception Talent Consulting can provide you with the right amount of support for your most pressing talent challenges from experienced professionals. We offer both project-based work and a fractional HR Manager model that can flex to meet your needs.

What will good talent programs accomplish? 

Traditional HR primarily focused on compliance and built a reputation of being the team to say “no” and create roadblocks. 

Modern talent practices focus on how to get the most from your team by bringing together the best people, developing them, driving alignment to your strategy, and ensuring folks truly enjoy what they do.  

What is The Process Like?

For project specific work, I follow an approach that aligns your goals and outcomes with my style, approach and expertise to ensure we create a scalable and impactful solution.


Work collaboratively with you to deeply understand your needs and objectives to make the project a success. I’ll take away your goals and return with a proposal. 



Organizational development, design thinking, learning design, detailed analysis and systems thinking is at the core of my design process. You’ll see that my approach is people-first, data-informed and looks to how you will scale your business.


After we’ve agreed on the design, and with the desired outcomes in mind, I deliver programs through an iterative approach, with a focus on the needs of your team and how any training, tool or process will scale.


Measure the outcomes of the project. Was the impact of the project achieved? What was the feedback? Modern talent practices seek to continuously engage with people to continue to evolve what practice looks like for your unique organization. 

About Me

I am a facilitator, process designer, coach, leader, recruiter, and analytics specialist. I’m intrigued by the consistent and exciting challenge of working with people and, for the past 15 years, have been working with and enabling them to do their most fulfilling work. 

My career spans multiple sectors including technology, engineering, retail, and non-profit. While all have unique challenges, people are always the common thread. I have education in human resources, business, organizational coaching and management analytics.

I’m an avid non-profit board member, with a passion for continuously working to evolve how boards work with staff to drive organizational impact.


“Anthony is truly a one-of-a-kind leader; a tour de force, and an institution unto himself. Traction on Demand owes so much of its growth – and culture – to Anthony, as he sees the potential in people where others don’t. His ability to create a safe environment where his reports can make mistakes and learn/grow from them is unparalleled, and his unending kindness, empathy, and willingness to get his hands dirty has lead to Anthony being an incredible mentor.

I feel truly honoured to have worked alongside Anthony for the last 15 months, and I know that any organization would be lucky to have him leading and driving their People efforts.”

“I had the good fortune of working with Anthony at Traction on Demand and at BenchSci. I have a huge amount of respect for him as a leader, an innovator, and a human. Over the years, I’ve learned so much from Anthony around asking the right questions, balancing high expectations with empathy, and using data to drive decision-making. I watched him navigate environments of constant change, build relationships with a huge variety of personalities, maneuver and lead through times of uncertainty and inspire. Wherever Anthony goes, an inspired team follows.

He has a keen eye for People Analytics and is able to help businesses adeptly identify gaps and challenges, and use data to drive solutions. He’s a great strategic partner, and any business doing big things would be lucky to have him on their team.”

Your talent is your organization’s success – start something new.